Seth is a visionary and leader that loves innovation, design, and people. He began his entrepreneurial journey with this successful recycling operation with an inspired approach to change the reputation of the waste industry. His free time is typically spent with his wife and daughters, along with an occasional game of Fortnite to end the evening in a “victory royale!”


Vice President

Meet Matt, a golf-loving family man with a positive outlook on life. With his infectious attitude and quick wit, Matt knows how to make any moment enjoyable. He’s also comfortable in uncomfortable situations, and isn’t afraid to take on a challenge. Whether he’s on the course, at home with his family, or tackling a new project, Matt is always ready to take on whatever comes his way.


HR West Facility Manager

With over 13 years of experience in the Recycling/Waste industry and a lifetime of love for music, Nick gets to entertain the best of both worlds. He has mastered a plethora of stringed instruments, using them to play, write and create music.  He has successfully recorded and released 5 Rockabilly/Americana albums. Most of his after-work time is spent with his family, either searching for Halloween antiques or going on treasure hunting adventures.


Project/Asset Manager

At first glance, Jeff may seem like your everyday family man, but really there isn’t much he can’t do. Studying architecture and CAD engineering in his early years, his mind for creating is endless. When he’s not thinking up his next project he enjoys golfing, spending time with his growing family, and living the slow country feeling lifestyle.


Maintenance Manager

This is Maclane, occasional hunter and flannel wearer. Despite not being a world-class chef, Maclane is a “Big Food Guy”. His day job includes working on Heavy Machinery, but you can catch him at home cooking up beats (as the kids say). Not only is he passionate about producing music, but he also records his own vocals!


SR. Operations Manager

Meet Courtney – a personal development enthusiast and team player who loves spending time with his family, watching his girls play soccer, and enjoying Taco Tuesday. With a collaborative spirit and passion for helping others succeed, he’s always seeking out opportunities to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.


Evening Operations Manager

Being in the Industrial Operations business, Corey has always been intrigued with the details of how everything works. This led him to take on rebuilding cars in his free time as well as working on a Mechanical Engineering degree! When his schedule allows him to, hanging out with his dog Buddy is his main priority.


Payroll Clerk

Meet Jessica, the queen of numbers! With a successful graduation from CMU under her belt, Jessica dove headfirst into the world of payroll and spent 6 years crunching numbers before finding her place at Hamtramck recycling. When she’s not busy balancing books, you can find her getting creative with ceramics, losing herself in a good book, or cuddling up with her kitty, Ferguson. Jessica’s passion for all things numeric makes her an essential part of the Hamtramck recycling crew.



Before taking on her role in Accounting, Brittany was busy nourishing the minds of our next generation as a schoolteacher. Now in her off time she loves hiking with her family and baking. Starting a home bakery is a bucket list item, but if you ask Brittany what her favorite food is, the answer would be an enthusiastic “Everything”.



Shipping & Receiving Coordinator

Whether it’s working out or running with her dog, Hanna prides herself on staying active. Always on the go, she hopes to one day travel to her Grandparents homeland of Sicily, Italy. Hanna also would like to enjoy her own Cattle Ranch in the future, plenty of land to maintain her active lifestyle!


Sales Rep

Andrew is a man of many talents, with a love for golf and a passion for both recycling and sales.  With a background in transportation, Andrew knows the ins and outs of logistics and supply chain management, making him an expert in getting the right products to the right people. He’s also a newlywed, recently tying the knot with the love of his life. When he’s not working, you can find Andrew exploring new golf courses, brainstorming new recycling solutions, or just enjoying time with his better half.



Meet Megan, the lively professional whose world is painted in shades of green. Her job working with people keeps her energized and fulfilled, but her heart truly belongs to Alfie, the lovable Australian Shepherd who accompanies her on long, refreshing walks. And when it’s time to unwind, Megan’s go-to treats are none other than pizza and ice cream, indulging in their delightful flavors whenever she can.

Scale Operator

Coming soon!

Dorian White

Scale Operator

Dorian believes that the key to life is excitement. Adrenaline and clownery run deep in her veins but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have room for her love of Art and Poetry. She enjoys Rap and Neo-soul, but her favorite artists are Andre 300 and the Christian metal band, Flyleaf.


Sales Rep

Mickayla is a passionate advocate for recycling and sustainability, as well as a self-proclaimed foodie who loves exploring the vibrant culinary scene of Detroit. With a friendly and outgoing personality, she prides herself on building strong relationships with her clients and going the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction. Whether she’s busy sorting through recyclables or recommending the latest food trend, Mickayla brings her signature blend of passion, creativity, and dedication to everything she does.

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